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Tomato Paste Season 2023

Tomato Paste Season 2023

It’s tomato harvest season here on the farm. Our fields are filled with ripe, red tomatoes just waiting to be picked. This is the time of year when we produce our signature tomato puree.

Our tomato puree is made from only the freshest, juiciest tomatoes straight from the vine. We take extra care to select the best quality tomatoes to ensure a smooth, richly flavored puree. The tomatoes are washed, blanched, and put through a fine mesh screen to remove seeds and skins. What’s left is a silky smooth tomato puree full of bright, natural tomato taste.

We pride ourselves on producing tomato puree of the utmost quality and freshness. Throughout the process, we adhere to strict standards and procedures to guarantee each batch meets our high standards. We never use additives or preservatives, just pure, natural tomato goodness.

Tomato Paste Season 2023

Tomato Paste Season 2023


Our analysis shows that our tomato puree has:

– Brix of 29 ± 1
– pH of 4 ± 0.6
– Acidity of 0.5 – 1.5 g/100g
– Recommended storage at max 0°C

We package 230kg of our tomato puree in aseptic or non-aseptic bags.

Our tomato puree is perfect for a wide variety of recipes, from sauces to soups, stews, and more. We package and ship our tomato puree quickly after production to preserve maximum flavor and nutrition. We are eager to share our farm-fresh tomato puree with customers all over the world this harvest season. Please contact us to order our tomato puree and experience the true taste of ripe, in-season tomatoes!

For more information, visit our Tomato Puree product page.

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