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How to make Sour cherry juice concentrate?

How to make Sour cherry juice concentrate

Producing Sour Cherry Concentrate at Pomunaco

Pomunaco is an Iranian fruit juice concentrate producer located in the fertile northwestern region, which boasts optimal climate conditions for growing luscious, sour cherries. Our factory specializes in crafting premium sour cherry juice concentrate made from locally grown sour cherries. We capture the fruits’ characteristic tangy sourness in a versatile, concentrated form ideal for use in beverages, foods, and more.

How to make Sour cherry juice concentrate

How to make Sour cherry juice concentrate

Iran’s Advantage for Sour Cherries

Iran ranks among the top global producers of sour cherries, with northwestern provinces like Kermanshah, Kurdistan, and Hamedan supplying much of the country’s yield. This region enjoys cool winter chill hours followed by temperate summers ideal for sour cherries to thrive. Our proximity to bountiful cherry orchards allows us to build strong partnerships with local growers. We source only the ripest, juiciest cherries at peak flavor for our concentrates.

Selecting Ruby-Red Iranian Cherries

Our sour cherries originate from family-owned orchards less than 50 miles from our facility. The cherries are hand-picked once their bright red color and high juice content indicate optimal ripeness. The freshly harvested cherries come straight to our factory where they are kept chilled to preserve freshness. Our team meticulously inspects each cherry, discarding any damaged or underripe fruits. Only perfect cherries move on to our specialized juicing process.

Specialized Juicing Process

The ripe cherries are first washed thoroughly before being destemmed and pitted while leaving the flesh intact. Next, the cherries are lightly crushed to break the skin and loosen the pulp. The crushed cherry mash is pressed to extract the juice inside each cherry. Minimal heat and oxygen exposure protects the cherry’s natural color and nutrients.

Concentrating the Sour Cherry Juice

The freshly extracted sour cherry juice goes through an enzymatic treatment to refine and stabilize it. It is then loaded into our evaporators where it is slowly concentrated by simmering off water content while retaining flavor. Our technicians closely track key attributes like sugar content, acidity and color throughout the 4-8 hour concentration process.

Quality and Food Safety

We follow strict quality control and food safety protocols throughout production and packaging. The resulting tart cherry concentrate has an intense cherry aroma and deep ruby-red hue. We offer options from translucent clarified concentrates to concentrates with suspended fruit pulp. The concentrate is aseptically packaged into industrial bags, drums and totes.

How to make Sour cherry juice concentrate

How to make Sour cherry juice concentrate

Benefits of Pomunaco Sour Cherry Concentrate

  1. Our sour cherry juice concentrate provides many advantages:
  2. Made from 100% Montmorency cherry juice
  3. No artificial additives, sugars, preservatives or thickeners
  4. Retains antioxidants and nutrients from the whole fruit
  5. Intense sour cherry flavor balanced with sweetness
  6. Vibrant color from natural anthocyanin pigments
  7. Customizable to specific brix, consistency, and color
  8. Microfiltered concentrate has a long shelf life
  9. Easy handling, storage and transportation
  10. Allows year-round use of a seasonal fruit
  11. More cost-effective than bottled sour cherry juice
  12. Vibrant and stable natural anthocyanin pigments
  13. Tailored consistency, brix level, and color

Applications for Sour Cherry Concentrate

This versatile ingredient can be reconstituted into juice or seamlessly incorporated into:

  1. Beverages – smoothies, craft cocktails, lemonades, shakes
  2. Sauces and dressings – vinaigrettes, marinades, glazes
  3. Dairy – yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes, frozen yogurt
  4. Baking – muffins, scones, tarts, cakes, cookies
  5. Cereals and snacks – oatmeal, granola, nutrition bars
  6. Preserves – sour cherry jam, fruit spread
  7. Candy and confections – cherry gummies, chocolate cherries

Let our team know your production requirements and specifications. We can provide a sour cherry juice concentrate tailored for use in your specific products. Contact Pomunaco today to give your foods and beverages a boost of tart cherry goodness.

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