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How to make Pomegranate juice concentrate?

How to make Pomegranate juice concentrate ?

Crafting Quality Pomegranate Juice Concentrate at Pomunaco

Pomunaco is renowned for producing premium fruit juice concentrates that capture the vibrant essence of fresh-picked produce. One of our most prized specialties is pomegranate juice concentrate. Our skilled technicians gently process fresh pomegranates into a luscious, crimson-hued syrup that retains the tangy-sweet flavor and health-promoting antioxidants of the whole fruit.

How to make Pomegranate juice concentrate ?

How to make Pomegranate juice concentrate ?


Selecting Peak Pomegranates

We source our pomegranates from local, organic orchards around the peak of harvest season. This ensures the fruits arrive at our facility ripe, juicy and at the height of flavor. Our grower partnerships allow us to hand-select the best quality pomegranates with deep red skins and fully developed arils. The plump, ripe fruits are transported quickly to lock in freshness.

Gentle Processing Methods

Once at our facility, the pomegranates move through a thorough washing and sorting process. Any damaged or underripe fruits are removed. The premium whole pomegranates are then carefully split open and the arils extracted intact. This retains the juice inside the individual seed sacs. The arils are gently crushed with light pressure to release the juice.

Extracting the Precious Juice

Next, the crushed pomegranate mass passes through a filter press that separate the juice from the seeds and skin. This extracts the maximum amount of flavorful juice while leaving behind most of the astringent tannins found in the pomegranate membranes. The fresh juice then goes through an enzymatic treatment process to further refine and clarify it.

Concentrating the Pomegranate Essence

The purified pomegranate juice is pumped into steam-jacketed evaporators where it is slowly simmered at a low temperature. As water evaporates, the juice becomes more concentrated and develops a darker, richer color. Skilled technicians track the sugar content, acidity, flavor compounds and color during concentration. This ensures we reach ideal brix and flavor before stopping the evaporation process.

Maintaining Quality from Start to Finish

Throughout production, we adhere to strict quality control measures and food safety procedures. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to concentrate the juice rapidly while retaining heat-sensitive nutrients. The resulting pomegranate concentrate is intensely hued and delivers a sour-sweet depth of flavor. It ranges from translucent to opaque depending on customer specifications.

Filling Orders for Every Application

Our large capacity helps us fill bulk orders while also accommodating small batch requests. We offer pomegranate concentrates tailored to the desired brix, consistency, color, and final use. Options include clarified, pulp-free concentrate or concentrate with pomegranate arils suspended in it. The juice concentrate is aseptically packaged into drums, totes, and bags to maintain freshness.

How to make Pomegranate juice concentrate ?

How to make Pomegranate juice concentrate ?

Benefits of Pomunaco Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

Our pomegranate juice concentrate delivers numerous advantages:

  1. Made from 100% pure, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice
  2. Contains no artificial additives, sugars or preservatives
  3. Retains the powerful antioxidant properties of the whole fruit
  4. Intense flavor balances tangy and sweet notes
  5. Vibrant crimson color from natural pigments
  6. Customizable to specific brix, consistency, and color
  7. Micro-filtered for quality, safety and extended shelf life
  8. Easy to transport and store compared to perishable juice
  9. Allows year-round use of seasonal pomegranates
  10. Cost-effective concentrated form versus fresh pomegranate juice
  11. Versatile Uses for Pomegranate Concentrate

This versatile ingredient can be diluted to make :

  1. Beverages – smoothies, cocktails, health drinks, sherbets
  2. Foods – sauces, marinades, salad dressings, gelatins
  3. Baking – add to cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, tarts
  4. Dairy – yogurt, ice cream, frozen novelties, smoothies
  5. Snacks – granola, energy bars, fruit chews
  6. Candy – used in fruit-flavored hard candies and gummies
  7. Healthcare – supplements, immunity boosters

Let us know your specific product needs. Our expertise in pomegranate juice concentrate production means we can craft the ideal concentrate to enhance your application with delightful flavor, color, and nutrition. Contact Pomunaco today to experience the fresh-pressed quality in our pomegranate concentrates.

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